Ölüdeniz butterfly valley Boat trip

Ölüdeniz butterfly valley Boat trip

Ölüdeniz butterfly valley Boat trip

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Our Oludeniz boat tour consists of 6 stops.

Our boat tour is between 11:00 - 18:00 every day. Departing from Oludeniz beach, swimming and fun breaks are given in 6 different bays, including the Blue Cave, the world-famous Butterfly Valley, Aquarium Bay, St Nicholas Island, Cold Water Springs and Camel Beach. Barbecue lunch is included in our prices.

Our boat is in the concept of a double-deck family boat with a length of 30 meters. We have 60 sun beds for sunbathing on the upper floor. With its wide and comfortable seating arrangement, all conditions have been applied in the best way for you to have a comfortable, peaceful and fun life with your family in accordance with social distance rules.

We have music broadcast on our boat, but we do not have loud broadcasts. We do not have music broadcast in the part where the lower seats of our boat are. The upstairs sunbathing area also plays with a certain setting.


Depending on the weather, we take a 30-minute break in the cave, which is our first stop. Here, the cave enters 25-30 meters inwards and there is a small puddle of sand at the end. Our cave has also been called as wish cave in recent years.


We take a break for more than 1 hour in the world famous Butterfly Valley. Here, our guests can swim and have fun on the fine sand beach, and our guests can walk into the valley. If you want to hike deep in the valley, you will encounter a waterfall in the future. The water of this waterfall comes from the Sarp Creek, which springs from the foothills of Babadağ. During the winter months, the water of the creek increases with the rain water and flows into the sea, crossing the narrow valley and breaking the coast. There are many butterfly species, especially tiger butterflies, living in the forest area in the inner parts of the valley. It takes 20 minutes to get to the waterfall, 20 minutes to come, 40 minutes in total. There is an entrance fee for the valley. Do not forget to take money with you. Valley entrance has nothing to do with us or our company, it is completely private property. For our guests going to the valley, we recommend that you take water and shoes for walking.


Our break here is about 1 hour lunch and swimming break. First, our lunch service is served to your tables. The rest of the time you can have fun swimming in these unique and clear waters. While swimming here, you will see that it accompanies you with its fish.


Our break time here is approximately 45 minutes.

Our guests who wish to swim and have fun can visit the island. There are church ruins belonging to the early Christianity and Byzantine empire between the 5th century and the 11th century on the island. The frescoes of the great church are in good condition. There are also cistern ruins on the sea shore. The most interesting ruin is a tunnel connecting the two churches. Some parts of the 500-meter tunnel are in ruins. There are 17 stops between the stairs in the tunnel, which represent 17 times when the prophet Jesus was taken to the crucifixion.

As a result of the earthquakes that took place in 240-241, some of the remains on the shore were submerged. The sunken remains can be seen 2 meters deep in the sea.

Since the island belongs to the general directorate of cultural assets and museums, there is an entrance fee. Museum card or business bank museum card holders are free of charge.


Welcome to the most beautiful and coldest point of our tour. We give a swimming break for about 30 minutes. You can also relax in the cold water boiling under the mountains, and you can apply the rule 5 years younger, standing in water for 10 minutes.


It is our last stop. It is the last chance of swimming of the day. It has a shallow water. It is a point where children and non-swimmers can swim very comfortably. It is named as camel beach due to the presence of rocks resembling camel right next to the beach.

We wish you a good holiday to see you on another tour ...



Transfer (charged between 10 TL-20 TL depending on the distance and proximity of your accommodation.)

Lunch (grilled chicken or fish, bulgur pilaf + salad)

Sea pasta and life jacket




Butterfly valley entrance (private property)

St Nicholas island entrance fee (museum archaeological site of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

Water sports

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